What Do Recruitment Consultants Actually Do?

A lot may have changed as 2017 gave way to 2018 but there is a constant for us all. #AskRose is back! Starting off the year Rose addresses what recruitment consultants actually do and what you should expect from one with which you are working. What Do Recruitment Consultants Actually Do? (for you – the… [Read More]

Most Frequently Asked Questions This Year. #AskRose

As it’s the last week before the holidays, it is a tradition to do a low effort themed blog but I couldn’t bring myself to do a “12 Days Of Recruitment” or “Top 10 Things Recruiters Hope To Get From Santa.” post. Instead, here are the most frequently asked questions. There are some things that… [Read More]

“How Should I Do My CV?”

#AskRose is back! After the brief step away to #AskSean we are back to the much more informed Rose. This week, Rose gives advice on CVs ahead of the inevitable surge in recruitment activity at the start of the year. “How should I do my CV?” This is a fairly common question and it’s a… [Read More]

Why Answer A Recruitment Consultant In December?

We have a special edition of #AskRose this week. Due to holidays for one week only we have #AskSean, Sean will look to take up the mantle and do this blog series justice when discussing the benefits of starting your preparation for a career change in December. Why Answer A Recruitment Consultant In December? December… [Read More]

Samsung Galaxy X And The Future Form Factor

With the confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy X being reasonably close to release last week, much ado has been made of previous rumours and patents allegedly pertaining to said device over the last number of years. This is not exactly new territory for a high-end Samsung device, but coming after the successful re-launch of the… [Read More]

Should You Be Yourself In Interviews?

We all want to put our best foot forward when it comes to interviews but should we be ourself or cater ourselves to what we think the company wants. #AskRose this week talks about being yourself and making sure there is a personality fit for you as well as the company. Should you be yourself… [Read More]

Back To Front V1.0.1 – The Churn

In the series “Back to Front” our consultant Eoghain will look at the latest developments, releases and news in technologies from (you guessed it) the Back-end to the Front. He is happy to talk technologies suggested by our readers and answers any questions you have.   What a time to be a JS developer… I’m… [Read More]

Why Don’t Recruitment Consultants Know Anything About Technology?

The tech recruitment industry has a reputation for having little technical knowledge and misunderstanding candidates profiles and role requirements.  In this week’s blog, Rose discusses why this happens and tells it straight from the recruitment side. #AskRose Why don’t recruitment consultants know anything about technology? This was literally the first thing someone said to me… [Read More]

Why Is My Recruitment Consultant Ghosting Me?

It’s never nice to be ignored and even less so when it is without reason. The recruitment industry has a bad reputation for doing just that to candidates. In this week’s blog, Rose discusses why ghosting happens and tells it straight from the recruitment side. #AskRose Why is my recruitment consultant ghosting me? Ghosting: noun:… [Read More]

STEM Student Visits Mount Carmel

We did something new with our most recent ALI visit – a student studying STEM was our Role Model rather than someone working in the tech industry. Orla Keaveney visited Mount Carmel Secondary School in Dublin 1. Orla is studying Electronic Engineering at UCD. She spoke about her own experiences studying Engineering and what interests… [Read More]

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