We have a special edition of #AskRose this week. Due to holidays for one week only we have #AskSean, Sean will look to take up the mantle and do this blog series justice when discussing the benefits of starting your preparation for a career change in December.

Why Answer A Recruitment Consultant In December?

December can be a busy month for people and often one in which people dismiss external distractions. Despite this, I would argue that it provides a great opportunity to assess your options and see if you might be interested in changing roles in the New Year and subsequently set yourself up for that move.

Below I outline some of the reasons why I think you should answer that message from a recruitment consultant or reach out to one for some information.

– Preparation For January

It is rare that people want to make a change in December, for most it can be too much upheaval and stress in what is already a stressful month. In contrast, January is one of the busiest times of the year for career mobility.

In anticipation of this having a conversation with a consultant to see what roles might be available and arrange to start some processes in the New Year might be the best thing you could do this month.

You can use December as a preparatory month to review your CV, prepare yourself for some interviews and consider what are the next steps that you would like to take in your career. You can get ahead of the crowd, build a relationship with your consultant, refine and update your CV and identify those opportunities that most appeal to you.

– Gain Market Insights

December is the month when businesses start to get some vision on their growth and hiring plans for the New Year and these are often informally conveyed to consultants. Having a conversation with your recruitment consultant might open you to these opportunities that are yet to hit the market but are coming in the New Year.

Often, consultants can better explain some of the opportunities and companies in the market and might highlight a role or a company who are set to expand and start some new and innovative project.

– Get Ahead of the Pack

Building on my point from above about January being one of the busiest months and December being relatively quiet when it comes to career mobility, if you contact a consultant in December they will have more time to talk to you and discuss the different options in the market and how best to approach them.

Come January, you and your consultant will be busy so getting ahead of this can help ease the process as you will have completed the initial steps in

– December Downtime

While December can be manic outside of work often offices start to slow down and so this provides a perfect opportunity for you to set some time aside to have a call or an email conversation with a consultant.

This is not the case for everyone but if you find yourself sitting at your desk counting the days to the Christmas party then a conversation with a consultant or a look at your CV might not be the worst alternative.

– It’s the Giving Season

Recruitment consultants are people too. In this the festive season they just need some love and a response to a message. Even if you are happy with your role but have received a personalised message for a relevant role take one minute to regret the approach and be filled with that feeling of generosity.


By talking to a consultant in December you can beat the rush and set yourself up for a new adventure and challenge in the New Year. It is a busy month but often one with a bit more flexibility than others so why not respond to that LinkedIn message or email and see if there are any opportunities that might appeal to you.

If you are considering your options in the New Year, contact one of the consultant in Verify Recruitment who will be happy to discuss the current open roles and some of the roles we are expecting to arise in the New Year.

Sean is a recruitment consultant who is Christmas obsessed but happy to shut off Christmas FM for a while and have a conversation with you about your future. Reach him at [email protected]


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