Selling Online? Don’t Forget Data Quality!

Retail has been changed utterly by online commerce. Bricks and mortar shops are closing in droves but overall the sector has never been more exciting and dynamic. The advent of same-day delivery services and new technology making internet shopping sites even easier to set-up and run will drive the next wave in e-commerce. The Taoiseach,… [Read More]

Cloud and Apps: The Continuing Collaboration of Music, Musicians and Technology

Musicians of all generations have always embraced technology to create new soundscapes, from harpsichord and dulcimers to piano to synthesisers. Whether the instruments encouraged public taste to move this way or vice versa is a life imitating art argument but it's safe to assume music will continue to be pushed forward by musicians expanding boundaries… [Read More]

Ireland’s Talent Pool and the Internet of Things

Telematics is the application of IT and telecommunications to private cars and business vehicles. It can be used on an industrial scale to track and control fuel consumption and scheduling of commercial fleets. Alternatively, it offers individual drivers advanced safety systems and a way to control driving risk and reduce the cost of car insurance.… [Read More]