Opensource Software and The New Tech Culture

A spectre is haunting IT, the spectre of revolution...again. The IT industry, no stranger to radical change, is revving up its search engines to thrust itself into the  great unknown: new markets, whole new industries and of course unheard of  technologies or resurrected old technologies. But this revolution is culturally different than the preceding changes… [Read More]

Digital Health and Ireland’s Start-up Boom

Back in May 2012 on The Guardian TechWeek Podcast, John Sculley ex-Apple CEO and an executive with unrivalled standing in Silicon Valley predicted that cloud technology would enable a revolution in the Healthcare industry. This is a timely development as aging populations in western societies are putting more strain on the health systems in the… [Read More]

Ireland is Becoming a big Big Data Travel Destination

Buying services online these days is a highly personalised experience. You’ll be bombarded with adverts pushing your favourite brands and the roll-out of new product lines. The cyberspace you’ll be entering will be your cyber space and the services offered so personalised it can be like having your very own account manager. High volume industries… [Read More]