2013: Irish Tech Year in Review

The start of the Christmas holiday season  has coincided with good economic news internationally and for the first time domestically with GNP beginning to register sustained growth of 3.8% over 12 months . Over the last 12 months the Irish economy began its rehabilitation in the industrial world. Most of the European causalities of the great crash have yet… [Read More]

Ireland Gets Serious About Field Service Management and Telematics

All companies, whether start-ups or global corporations, are just dying for an excuse to increase their contact with their customers. The business logic is that the more contact – meaning positive contact – they have with their clients then the more opportunities are generated. The best type of contact to have with a client is having… [Read More]

Microsoft’s Azure Surges in the Cloud

Whoever does become the next CEO of Microsoft can expect a good news briefing from their cloud people. According to Information Week, after launching its IaaS service, Azure has been winning a thousand new customers every day. Yes, you did read that correctly. Every. Single. Day. This is a far cry from the Sturm und… [Read More]