Hiring Foreign Software Engineers: Getting it Right

It’s a truism that Ireland's knowledge economy suffers from a scarcity of knowledge. For hiring managers this usually means a shortage of knowledge workers  like software engineers, product managers, project managers and other high value professionals. The expectations from new hires in the tech sector are very high: successful candidates in many open roles need to have… [Read More]

Stripe; Cutting The Gordian Knot

In Plutarch’s life of Alexander the Great, the Greek biographer relates one of the best known stories about the Macedonian king. In Phrygia he was presented with the Gordian Knot, a horrendously complicated contrivance that acted as kind of a security lock on an ancient chariot. Accounts of how Alexander solved the problem vary: some… [Read More]

Contracting in Ireland: Becoming an IT Contractor

Every kid with even a spark of imagination has dreamed of being Clint Eastwood in the classic Western “High Plains Drifter”. Eastwood’s character The Stranger has an almost perfect freedom moving from gunfight to shoot 'em up across the American West. Nothing he encounters is a problem, he’s effortlessly cool as a gunslinger: he’s quicker on… [Read More]

Irish Firms in the Global EdTech Industry

If there was one industry that Information Communication Technology was definitely going to revolutionise it was education. Unsurprisingly, more than two decades after internet access became widespread, modern classrooms are unrecognisable to the class of the 1980s and 1990s. Back then assignments and essays were hand written, homework deadlines were recorded in quaint little school… [Read More]