Evercam and Kinesense – Cloud, Camera, Action!

The UK  has enjoyed a lot of good news statistics lately. At the end of Q1 their economic figures on GDP had gone up by 0.8%, and last week the Government’s stats office announced that at the end of 2013, crime statistics had gone down by 15% on the the previous year. In fact UK… [Read More]

Qstream: The Science Behind How To Increase Sales

Regardless of the service, no matter what the product is, if a company doesn't have a sales team nothing gets shifted and no-one's going anywhere. Salespeople open doors for their employers, they build networks and develop relationships. They're the everyday brand ambassadors, going out into the world and talking to people. A salesperson talks to… [Read More]

Employee Equity and Shareholder Agreements For Startups

Understanding Employee Equity – Getting It Right We all know that public companies tend to operate share schemes, giving employees equity in the business aligns their interests with those of shareholders. After a suitable period of time has lapsed they are allowed to sell their shares and take the profit. In traditional owner-managed companies share… [Read More]

Dublin: The ‘Go-To City’ for Tech Engineers

Yesterday the European Commission published a report ranking Dublin 16th out of the top 34 IT hubs in the EU. This will surprise many people in the Tech industry given the global scale and vibrancy of the IT sector in Dublin. Only this morning LinkedIn announced that it was looking for more office space for… [Read More]

An Explanation of IFTTT and Our Top 10 IFTTT Recipes

In just about any house this evening it’s a safe bet that the living room will be empty. Each inhabitant will be online in their own private space. This could be a study, a dedicated computer room or just their  bedroom but it will be filled with their own stuff and ordered according to their own preferences. The… [Read More]

Ireland’s Next Battleground: The MedTech Industry

Ireland is becoming the go-to country for medical technology. International venture capitalists, always hungry for marketable ideas, are coming to Dublin this month to court the Irish MedTech sector. Investors and entreprenuers will be brought together at the IN³ Medical Device 360° Dublin to be hosted in the The Shelbourne Hotel on St Stephen’s Green from… [Read More]