Technology in Motion With Retail inMotion

Back when flying was noisy, expensive and risky the in-flight retail experience centred around a cake trolley and a large coffee pot. Nowadays, airlines aren't only catering for onboard food and drink but they're also selling a whole range of products from gifts to entertainment. And with cheaper flights putting more customers in the air at… [Read More]

Is Ireland The Next Travel Innovation Hub?

In the 17th century young Oxbridge graduates, usually of an aristocratic bent, started a tradition of touring the cultural centres of continental Europe. This became known as the Grand Tour after Richard Lassels coined the phrase in “The Voyage of Italy” in 1670. The idea behind the Grand Tour was that it would finish what… [Read More]

eHealth In Ireland – The Inside Story

After Ireland’s supernova implosion 5 years ago, talk around the economy has been a lot more sober. A continuing thread in this conversation has been that The Republic’s economy needs to emulate small, successful continental countries like Finland, Denmark or Switzerland. They have populations comparable to Ireland's but since 1945 they've managed to thrive and avoid mass… [Read More]

Assessing the Future: Learnosity, Ireland’s e-Learning Leader

Think back to your school days: apart from lab work in the life sciences, just about every class activity could have been abstracted, coded and put online. From lessons and homework right through to exams and assessments, with the help of Learnosity all these can now be  delivered online.   E-Learning This online education is… [Read More]