What Is Augmented Reality? It’s The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing!

Any term that incorporates the word 'Reality' usually fails to convey any clarity or definition about what it’s trying to describe. Augmented Reality fails in exactly this way. It in no way describes what this technology actually does! A mobile device’s camera captures the image of an object in the real world. The on-board object… [Read More]

Ireland’s Global Entrepreneurs

A major asset in the Republic’s economic recovery strategy is its position at the nexus of two wealthy economic blocs. On the western edge of Europe, Ireland qualified for membership of the biggest free trade zone in the world, the European Economic Community, as the EU was then known. It became a member in 1973.… [Read More]

UX Design: Where the User is King

Tech hardware has been progressing downward over the last 70 years with ever greater  miniaturization. Microprocessor engineers have been making their silicon chips smaller consistently since they were first invented by Robert Noyce. Computers used to fill a large room, then a sizeable box in the corner of that room and now they fit in… [Read More]

How Irish Techies Emydex are Digitising Food Processing Globally

What’s the best market to get a slice of right now? In Ireland the established “wisdom” was always property and that bubble seems to be swelling again. The global software industry appeared to be recession proof over the last 5 years, with its rate of product development and consumer demand it would certainly be an… [Read More]