Android Wearables: One Smartwatch to Rule Them All

Since the advent of the personal computer we’ve come to expect a linear succession of devices usurping the previous incumbent: Mainframes gave way to PCs which were supplanted by Laptops which again were dethroned by tablets and these are now under threat of obsolescence by Smartphones. But with wearables Google appears to be dispersing computing… [Read More]

Market Push:Vendor Pull. Why CEOs Love the Cloud

Many employees find the first day working in a large corporation indelibly marked by disappointment. The new hire might be impressed by the glass facade of the corporate building with its silent sliding doors. And the foyer with its tiled interior and 42 inch wall screens set to the Bloomberg channel, could impress as well. But after… [Read More]

Ireland’s Foray into the Games, Gamification & Big Data Market

During the day a good entrepreneur delivers for the present but at night he prepares for the future. Right now, that means his business has to deliver for the digital native generation, for example moving all services onto a mobile platform. But he's also got to prepare for the next generation who can't remember anything before… [Read More]