The Tide is Rising: Are You Ready To Catch The Wave Of Growth?

Congratulations! Congratulations to the companies out there today who have weathered the economic rough waters.  Most likely, the companies that have stayed afloat have lived through rounds of cost cutting, restructuring, hiring freezes and similar measures designed to trim expenses, improve efficiency and fundamentally survive in a tough economic period. What has become clear through… [Read More]

The Rise of the Netflix Cloud Apes

The service sector is taking on more and more responsibility for sustaining Ireland's recovery. That being the case there's a perennial question among business thinkers that's becoming more pertinent: what makes an ideal service? A common and cogent answer is one that unfailingly anticipates the client's needs. This certainly would make a business in the… [Read More]

Range Anxiety? Vicinity Systems Navigates the Way

What’s not to like about electric cars? They’ll save you a small fortune on petrol, they’re silent and easy to drive and they'll confirm your green credentials if you worry about that sort of thing. It’s perfect for zipping around town but what happens if you need to travel any distance, even just an intercity… [Read More]

Functioning in the 21st Century

Tech companies delivering services from the cloud are not only concentrating resources like processing power, software, platform, data and content but they’re also accruing more and more responsibility for their clients operations. Whether they're storing data or infrastructure on a cloud platform the client needs assurance that the service is reliable and secure. Or if… [Read More]