Sheology: Building a Successful Online Community

Legacy marketing has a lot of waste built in: it’s based on blitzkrieg campaigns that leave an environmental hangover of old posters peeling off billboards and absurdly out-of-date banners still plastered to the sides of buses almost a year after campaign launch. Its effectiveness in connecting with customers is hit and miss and it's not… [Read More]

A Guide to Starting Out as a Contractor

There’s a definite shift among IT hiring managers, away from the search for the traditional employee to securing the best "right-now" candidate.  Tech Industry monitors are noticing that this year there are more and more contracting roles coming on the market. So we teamed up with Contracting PLUS and have written this piece which we… [Read More]

Cloud Services on the Go

Today, computing is all about the cloud and the cloud is all about scaling. The numbers are crucial because successful web service operations sell into a global market at launch. This could mean millions of users or even billions: in the 1st quarter of this year Facebook had 1.28 billion active monthly users. And each… [Read More]