Google Container Engine: Steering Towards Simpler Deployment

Much of what Cloud Technology offers users, automation, highly responsive scaling, flexibility and much else besides, can only described as work in progress.  An awful lot more needs to be realised. Currently, developers building in the cloud have to choose between virtual machines, which entails a lot of DIY, or a more automated option and… [Read More]

Is 5G The Future of Mobile Technology?

The rest of this decade will see the evolution of the network of all networks: the Internet of Things. It will contain not only all the devices hooked up to the current internet but millions of other devices from monitors to sensor devices; a vast spread of telematics and technology. All this will develop in parallel… [Read More]

Is Amazon’s AWS Lambda Redefining the Cloud?

One of the revolutionary changes sparked by the advent of cloud computing was that businesses could gain access to a plethora of services that they would not normally be able to cost or manage themselves. This was not just a case of being able to rent super computers, whereas before if you wanted super processing power you… [Read More]