Udemy – Changing the Online Learning Industry

One thing that many students don't seem to realise is that for most of them their "finals" won’t be their last exams. During their careers they’ll find it next to impossible to avoid professional exams or even work place proficiency tests. Working life and increasingly personal life will be a succession of training and educational courses… [Read More]

Create Your Own Apps With Android Studio

Any brief for an Android development team will place a strong emphasis on UX or customer experience because there’s a pretty clear market imperative for their code being user-centric. But who thinks about UX for Android engineers when they're using app development tools? Google wants the industry to believe they’re thinking about the coder experience… [Read More]

From 2014 To 2015: The Tech Year in Review

For every story about a hubristic downfall there'll be one about a chastened comeback.  And this latter seems to be the narrative emerging with the Celtic Phoenix. That's the sobriquet given to an Irish economy that looked as if it was lifting off in 2014. Soberingly however, the latest results for GDP growth from the CSO… [Read More]