Managing in a Post-Managerial World

Since the Japanese developed the Kanban approach to manufacturing just after the war, every producer who has succeeded in the global market has used some type of innovative and flexible production methodology. Whatever the innovation, the innovator found that decisions made during product development need to be made as close to the market or even… [Read More]

The Future of Parallel Computing

The dominant topic in parallel processing literature is how difficult it is to design and implement. But given its legendary complexity, Linus Torvalds asked at the end of last year: why bother? The benefits accruing from parallelism end pretty quickly outside the spheres of high-end server design or graphics processing. In the production of consumer devices it… [Read More]

FoundationDB: The Breakthrough Version

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to turn the current boom in business data into a supernova explosion. According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day! But what do we do with it? It's all going to have to be stored somewhere, be retrieved somehow and then mined for market information. Just… [Read More]