A.L.I In Action – Kicking Off In Walkinstown

This week marks the start of a new year for The Ada Lovelace Initiative and we would like to share our latest exciting news with you in today’s installment of A.L.I. In Action! As the schools are back from their summer holidays this month, our role models are back in action too! Although our school… [Read More]

Digitary – Securely Verifying Credentials Worldwide

The UK has about 1 million students enrolled in its higher education system; traditionally this means college administration is a paper heavy, bureaucratic nightmare with all the opportunity for lost documents  and misdirected transcripts  this offers. University transcripts are crucial for students: this document is a list of courses and grades generated by schools, colleges and… [Read More]

#TechTeamTour – Tackling Tech Stereotypes

The Ada Lovelace Initiative by Verify Recruitment, together with Science Foundation Ireland’s Smart Futures Programme, has launched the #TechTeamTour video campaign in order to encourage Irish secondary school students to consider a career in technology. The aim of the #TechTeamTour video series is to challenge misconceptions about careers in technology, helping both teenagers and parents… [Read More]