The Ada Lovelace Initiative – Busy Before Midterm!

The first term of the 2016/17 school calendar has been a great success for The Ada Lovelace Initiative so far! With the help of our technology role models nationwide, The Ada Lovelace Initiative has reached hundreds of students since our return this term to promote technology careers to female students, with many more students to… [Read More]

A.L.I. in Munster, Age Action & the U3A!

It has been a busy and exciting time for the Ada Lovelace Initiative so far this term! Today, A.L.I. role models Katherine Fitzpatrick and Caroline Hynes are giving their technology talks in Coolock and Cork. Last week, we celebrated Ada Lovelace Day and we had to opportunity to do something a little bit different for… [Read More]

How Asavie Uses Ansible to Manage Configuration of its Global IoT Connectivity Platform

Earlier this year on the Verify blog, we discussed two market leading Configuration Management tools; Puppet & Chef. While both Puppet & Chef perform similar tasks, debates persisted in the tech press regarding which tool was superior. Following on from our discussion of Puppet Vs Chef, we recently interviewed John McBride, Cloud Architect at Asavie… [Read More]

Ada Lovelace Day 2016 – Celebrating Women in STEM

Ada Lovelace Day was first launched by Suw Charman-Anderson in 2009 on PledgeBank. Nearly 2,000 people made a pledge to blog about a woman in technology whom they admired on 24 March 2009. The day was a great success with blog posts, newspaper columns and media coverage emerging to celebrate in honour of the woman… [Read More]

IIOT: The Republic of Machines

The back story of the Terminator movies – an 80s film franchise that’s still going strong – is that a military cloud platform, called Skynet, with advanced Artificial Intelligence achieves consciousness and decides to wipe out most of humanity. It hunts the survivors down using machines with lower AI who do Skynet’s bidding. This is a… [Read More]