The Battle For Augmented Reality – ARcore and ARkit

It is one of the great battles of our generation. Google vs Apple, Android vs. iOS and now ARcore versus ARkit. With the recent announcement by Google of their ARcore as a competitor to the ARkit of Apple we have landed upon another area, the race for control of Augmented Reality,  in which these two… [Read More]

How To Prepare For A Phone Interview

You have found a role that is appealing to you and have submitted your application. Now, the company have asked for an initial call to start the process. Read on to learn how to ace this phone interview whether it’s five minutes with a HR department or a technical interview with a CTO. How do… [Read More]

How To Maximise Your Final Year For A Graduate Role

Are you entering your final year of your Information Technology or Computer Science degree and already feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the work that you are facing? This week at Verify we guide you on how to make the most of your final year and target it for a graduate role and the career… [Read More]