Back To Front 1.0.3 – Microservice Architecture

In the series “Back to Front” our consultant Eoghain looks at the latest developments, releases and news in technologies from (you guessed it) the Back-end to the Front.  In the latest installment, Eoghain gives his thoughts on microservice architecture.  Yes it is an architecture trend, yes it has its fanboys and fangirls... and yes I… [Read More]

Thinking Inside The Box: Sustaining Innovation and Nintendo Labo

As we move through 2018, the gamers among us will note that 2017 was widely acknowledged as a somewhat underwhelming year for innovation in the market. Uprated versions of the PS4 and Xbox One, while intriguing, boasted little of interest beyond subtle hardware improvements. Similarly, adoption of the rather excellent PlayStation VR remained somewhat of… [Read More]

Changing Roles As A Longstanding Employee

We give some advice on entering and managing the recruitment process when you are a longstanding employee in a company. How do I approach my job hunt if I have been with one company for a long time? We frequently have candidates who are moving on from a role they have been in for 10+… [Read More]

We Are All Connected: IoT And The Rise Of The Smart Home

The proliferation of smart home devices, spearheaded by products from heavy-hitters such as Amazon and Google and backed up by a number of quirky start-ups, is well and truly at the forefront of home-based technology as we kick off a new year. A world in which everything in our lives, from our phones, tablets and… [Read More]

How Dating Advice Can Help You Find Your Dream Job

According to Sigmund Freud and other well known philosophers, one's ability to love and work is deeply connected to one's degree of happiness and satisfaction with life. "Love and work are the cornerstones to our humanness" - Sigmund Freud If Freud’s philosophy bears truth, and your ability to love, work & be productive is deeply… [Read More]

Employer Branding And Community Engagement: Championing A Cause

"Success follows those who champion a cause greater than themselves" “Talent is our biggest asset” the buzzline of all top companies but also reflected in the lengths companies are going to attract and retain employees, particularly those who can make a difference to the success of their companies. It is an increasingly competitive talent market… [Read More]

How To Choose A Recruitment Consultant?

We go back to one of the original questions in the recruitment process and gives some advice on how to evaluate the best consultant to work with during the recruitment process. How to choose a recruitment consultant? In many of our blogs, we reference how you should “talk to your recruiter” about questions you might… [Read More]

Why Don’t Companies Tell You What The Salary Is For A Role?

Our blog this week comes from the excellent Irish Tech Community slack channel, A common complaint for candidates can be when job adverts and recruiters are unable to inform them on the salary and related benefits for a role in which they are interested. This is another question which pops up frequently and another… [Read More]