As it’s the last week before the holidays, it is a tradition to do a low effort themed blog but I couldn’t bring myself to do a “12 Days Of Recruitment” or “Top 10 Things Recruiters Hope To Get From Santa.” post.

Instead, here are the most frequently asked questions. There are some things that I’m always asked – every meet-up, any irc channel, anywhere people know what I do for a living. It’s what people really what to know about recruiters. It’s what inspired me to start writing this blog, I wanted the chance to write as honestly as I could about what things are like on this side of the job process.


5 ) Why do recruiters want to know my current salary?

People are a bit divided on this one. Some people really don’t want to share this information, others don’t mind telling us. It’s an interesting one though – it’s becoming an illegal question to ask in the US!

4 ) Why do recruiters keep asking me for my CV in Word format?

This question crops up more often as the years go on – Microsoft Office is no longer standard with new Windows computers, lots of people just don’t own a copy of Word. Many people in technology use Linux. Using pdfs makes sense but recruiters keep asking for that Word format file…


3 ) Where has my recruiter gone? Why are they ignoring me?

People who have not heard from their recruiter lately and don’t know if they’re being deliberately ignored or if it’s just a very long delay in getting a response. I’ve been asked to analyse emails with an intensity not felt since I was in college reading text messages from romantic interests.


2 ) Why do recruiters spam me with irrelevant jobs?

An addition to this post – if you get something completely irrelevant (Embedded developer? But I’m a graphic designer…), don’t reply or reject the InMail. Recruiters only get a certain amount of them per month and LinkedIn grant access to them based on the ratio of responses to outbounds. If the ratio drops too low, access is removed.



1 ) Why don’t recruiters know ANYTHING about technology?!

By far this is the most ranty one I get. I imagine any recruiter reading this gets it too. It’s frustrating for people in the tech industry but hopefully, I explained it a bit here!


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