StrongLoop, the Californian Node.js champions, have just won investment for their new offering called LoopBack.  It’s continuing the mobile revolution at enterprise level: LoopBack, a node.js based framework, allows mobile developers to stream legacy data either from the cloud or the from their enterprise data centre.

This is the latest example of the power of Node.js, a server-side Javascript platform that started out in 2009 as an open source project sponsored by Joyent. It’s been hailed as powerful as Ruby. And its popularity is taking off with comparable thrust.

As a JS platform it’s accessible to front-end web developers as well as server side coders who want to develop real-time event driven Apps.

Also, its popularity is exploding because of how efficiently it uses memory resources. And the Node.js community has gone transatlantic.


The Dublin node.js community’s membership is growing steeply. It was established in 2012 when Cian Ó Maidín CEO of nearForm, a software consultancy with a node.js focus, and a group of fellow enthusiasts organized a Dublin conference that October. They decided to host the event after the success of the first meet-up in the Engine Yard the previous May.

Events have been held regularly since then demonstrating this new technology looks increasingly like a new market disrupter.

The Irish trailblazer in the mobile enterprise management space, FeedHenry, uses Node.js for many of its platform components.

Headquartered in Waterford but with offices in the U.K. and U.S, FeedHenry is a leading enterprise-first MBaaS solutions provider that’s helping to driving the transition to a mobile-first culture at enterprise level.

They offer a mobile application platform for app development and Mobile Backend-as-a-Service designed to give customers ease of integration with their own internal applications, systems and third party services like storage, messaging, and CRM as well as many more.

We’re living at the start of the Smartphone age, not just in recreation and leisure time, but in how we work and communicate with clients and colleagues. As with so many new tech developments over the last few years and despite severe difficulties, the Irish economy is producing global success that’s cutting edge.