This week at Verify, we are answering a common candidate question. Professionals can often be wary of sending their CV as a Word Doc after going to the effort of preparing it in PDF format, so we are going to go behind the scenes to understand what happens before your CV reaches the client…


Why do recruiters always ask for a Word version of my CV?

You know the way it goes – your CV is in PDF format. It’s a secure format, cross-platform. A modern format for a modern world. Then the recruiter says “Can you send that to me in Word?”


There is a certain logic to asking for it in that format.

1) Often before sending your CV to a client, we need to add a coversheet to the first page. These are often mandated by the client. This coversheet holds info like salary target, notice period, a nice bio about how perfect you are for the job.

2) We really need to fix typos. A high percentage of CV’s have small typos. It’s not a big enough deal to ask the candidate to fix it and most of us don’t like feeling like a teachers giving candidates these corrections to complete.

3) When we know a client well, we know what an individual hiring manager thinks a CV ought to look like. We’re sure any of you who have spoken to multiple recruitment consultants have heard several versions of how to format a CV. There are differing opinions.

If we know for example that the hiring manager for the role cares about your certifications, we might move those up to the top. If they’re very focused on your work experience and you have your education at the top of your CV – down to the bottom it goes.

With any of the changes, we are doing what can to give you the best possible shot at getting an interview. We would never change the wording of a CV and we would always tell you before we change anything.


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