Where Music And Tech Meet – James Murphy’s Remixes

So, LCD Soundsystem came to Dublin end of September. During the summer I spent hours pressing refresh on TicketMaster’s website, picking traffic signs from image grids to prove I’m not a robot and still no ticket appeared out of the internet ether. I had resigned myself to enviously reading Twitter about how great the shows… [Read More]

The Data Scientist; Ripples in the Data

Big data only gains commercial value when you can identify patterns in its accumulated mass. Once you’ve got the pattern then you can predict the behaviour of the people generating it. Then you can understand the market. Thomas H. Davenport and D.J. Patil, writing in a 2012 article in The Harvard Business Review, illustrate this… [Read More]

Datahug: Getting Re-aquainted with Your Pipeline

These days everyone's scaling. From start-ups operating from a garage to established enterprises trading from glass towers, everyone's selling 24/7 right across the globe. But this can be a bane as well as boon. Not all companies scale successfully even though their services and products are high quality and generate demand. And even within companies… [Read More]

Product Management; Managing the Message; Delivering the Goods

There’s a near consensus that Alec Issigonis (who designed the Mini) came up with the phrase “a camel looks like a horse that was planned by a committee”. He said it in an interview with Vogue magazine in 1958. Since then the aphorism has been used to describe anything that has a grotesque design; the… [Read More]

Preventative Analytics: Big Data and Health

Wearable technology has an intimacy with the user that offers huge possibilities for the medical profession. The ultimate mobile technology can be worn around the wrist or clipped onto the ear (there’s even a contact lens device in development) and it can be with the patient all day or at least the active part of the… [Read More]

FoundationDB: The Breakthrough Version

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to turn the current boom in business data into a supernova explosion. According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day! But what do we do with it? It's all going to have to be stored somewhere, be retrieved somehow and then mined for market information. Just… [Read More]

Is Amazon’s AWS Lambda Redefining the Cloud?

One of the revolutionary changes sparked by the advent of cloud computing was that businesses could gain access to a plethora of services that they would not normally be able to cost or manage themselves. This was not just a case of being able to rent super computers, whereas before if you wanted super processing power you… [Read More]