Where Music And Tech Meet – James Murphy’s Remixes

So, LCD Soundsystem came to Dublin end of September. During the summer I spent hours pressing refresh on TicketMaster’s website, picking traffic signs from image grids to prove I’m not a robot and still no ticket appeared out of the internet ether. I had resigned myself to enviously reading Twitter about how great the shows… [Read More]

Hustle and Bustle Before the Christmas Break!

As the end of 2016 approaches, it is hard to believe that we are midway through the second year of The Ada Lovelace Initiative! The first half of the school year has been a great success for A.L.I. Verify has been bustling with visit preparations and new schools and role models are signing up across… [Read More]

Preventative Analytics: Big Data and Health

Wearable technology has an intimacy with the user that offers huge possibilities for the medical profession. The ultimate mobile technology can be worn around the wrist or clipped onto the ear (there’s even a contact lens device in development) and it can be with the patient all day or at least the active part of the… [Read More]