How To Choose Between Multiple Offers

You have worked with your consultant, gone through a multitude of interviews and impressed all of the necessary decision-makers but what do you do when you receive a number of offers? We address this common occurrence and provide some tips on how best to think through your decision when faced with multiple offers. If you’re… [Read More]

What Do Recruitment Consultants Actually Do?

A lot may have changed as 2017 gave way to 2018 but there is a constant for us all.  Starting off the year we address what recruitment consultants actually do and what you should expect from one with which you are working. What Do Recruitment Consultants Actually Do? (for you – the candidate)   Fill… [Read More]

Should I Include References On My CV?

If you are preparing for your next career move, you may be gathering references and considering whether or not you should disclose their information on your CV. This week at Verify, we address this very common candidate concern. Should I include my references on my CV? In our opinion, no, you shouldn’t disclose your references… [Read More]