A lot may have changed as 2017 gave way to 2018 but there is a constant for us all.  Starting off the year we address what recruitment consultants actually do and what you should expect from one with which you are working.

What Do Recruitment Consultants Actually Do? (for you – the candidate)


Fill Job Requirements

The core job of a consultant is to find people for jobs. A client gives us a requirement – “one Software Engineer please!” and we find someone that fits that requirement.

Obviously, there is more to it than that – we will ask detailed questions to find out exactly what type of person would be best for that job. No matter how detailed a job spec is, there’s always around 3 things that are “I cannot hire a person who does not have these things”.

We get to know a client well, so we understand how the culture works so we’ll figure out what sort of person would do well there. If it’s a flat organisational structure with essentially no managers, then a super ambitious person who wants to climb the promotional ladder might not suit; a person who enjoys the all-hands-on-deck nature of a start-up might not suit a huge multi-national.

Getting to know the industry is part of a consultant’s job so we can advise our clients and candidates on the best moves to make.

Provide Advice on CV Formatting / Content

Because we know our client and we know the role, we can advise on how to format your CV and structure the content to best sell your skills for this role.

Sometimes (ok, pretty often), we’ll do a quick tidy up ourselves before sending a CV on. Nothing drastic, changing javascript to JavaScript. Correcting small spelling errors that have slipped through your own checks.

There are other changes we can recommend that might work well for the role at hand. If education is important to the client – move yours to the top. If they’re interested in data-heavy projects, emphasise those in your CV.

This is the kind of vital inside information a consultant can provide because we’re immersed in the role day to day and – let’s be honest, highly motivated to get you that job!

Provide interview coaching

We can help you with your interview. Bar going to the interview for you, we can do almost everything else. (we haven’t figured out a way to attend interviews for candidates just yet…)

From carrying out a mock interview with you, to discussing any concerns you might have and providing lists of sample questions to practice in the mirror. For established clients, we’ll have a strong idea of the types of questions they ask and we’ll give you those insights.

We’ll tell you how to handle the hiring managers – do they like you to be chatty or straight to the point? We know!

Help with contract and salary negotiation

Often when we talk to people, they’re not sure what salary to ask for. Because recruiters are always talking to candidates and clients, we usually have a good idea of what the market is doing in terms of salary.

We also frequently negotiate people’s salaries for them. We’re good at that.

We can also help you with your contract. If you have questions about parts of it, it can be easier to raise them with your consultant than to go back to the client with them. We’ve seen nearly everything so we know what chance there is that you can get what you want!

Provide general career advice

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, any good recruiter is happy to provide general advice. We’re always glad to talk to someone who might only be at the start of the “Perhaps I might look for a job” thought process.

Obviously, if we have something we think is a great move, we’re going to tell you about it. However, we don’t consider it time wasted if we just talk to you about your aspirations or what you might need to do in the next year to make your dream job happy for you.

Recruitment consultants see a lot of different jobs cross our desk, so we might see something in your experience that you don’t. Many jobs that we are asked to recruit are ‘unicorn roles’ – jobs that require an odd mix of skills from a range of areas. People who have done a few different things and are looking for a change can often be a fit for this type of job but might not see themselves in the job title.


Having a consultant by your side during the recruitment process can be a massive aid but it is important to choose with whom you work and to understand what you can expect of them. A good consultant will go above for their candidates because they do care but they are also motivated. Here at Verify, we pride ourselves on having a community approach to working with candidates and clients and bringing them closer together and we are always happy to chat with candidates or people looking for some advice.

 If you have any career or recruitment questions for Verify to answer, comment on our page on LinkedIn, tweet @VerifyCommunity or send them over to [email protected]