You log in to LinkedIn and see that red number over your messages tab seemingly growing by the minute. You wonder how many, if any, of those messages will be jobs to which you are suited and to which you could possibly be attracted.  This week at Verify, we address this very common candidate concern.

Why do recruiters send me jobs that are completely unsuited for my profile?

We go to tech events in Dublin, we are into technology as a hobby – there’s a nice crossover between our work life and social life! For this reason, we talk to quite a few people who work in the tech industry off the record socially, when the filter isn’t there. This is when we tend to hear the gritty truth about what people really think about the recruitment industry!

As soon as we say that we are a recruitment consultant, someone is likely to tell me about an incident when they were emailed about a “fabulous opportunity” to be a pastry chef in Alaska.

So why on earth do recruiters contact you about jobs that are not for you? Surely this is a waste of time for everyone involved?

1) Your LinkedIn profile or CV isn’t selling your skillset accurately  

If you’re not representing your skills accurately, then it’s going to be hard to tell what jobs might suit you. If most of the jobs coming your way are completely wrong for you, take a look at your profile content. If you’re a Linux Admin with a profile full of web technologies, that might be the problem. This is quite easy to do. For most people, their CV is a sort of living document. You first write it as a graduate and then just add each new job as you go along. In your head, the journey is perfectly obvious but to a first-time reader, it may not be. Try reading your LinkedIn profile/CV with a fresh eye and see if it’s portraying your skillset accurately and targeting for the roles that you would find appealing.

2) Some recruiters are, to be fair, not very good.

You’re going to get people who are bad at their job in every industry; people who are inattentive, poorly trained or careless. Ineffective recruiters are the people who want to do the minimum level of work possible. Those are the recruiters who will select 500 profiles and hit “mail all” and spam everyone in the general vicinity with nonsense.

We’re really sorry about the rubbish recruiters out there.Trustworthy recruitment consultants are not a fan of them either because they give us and our profession a bad name!

3) It was a mistake.

Recruitment consultants are people too. Unfortunately, with human error, mistakes can be made, particularly if someone is just starting out in their recruitment career. We all had to start out in the industry and learn how to source and target candidates.

It happens to the best of us that we send some misguided emails in our early days! It usually just takes one brutally honest reply from a candidate to teach you to take your time to target candidates effectively.

4) People make surprising changes all the time.

People have consistently amazed us with the types of jobs they’ll go for. Seniority isn’t always an indicator of what type of job someone might be interested in so it’s often worth messaging a variety of levels about a new role.

We’ve had Technical Architects go for Software Developer roles so they can get more experience with hands on coding. We’ve had a developer go for a support role because they wanted late shifts. Before you completely dismiss an email, try to see if the recruiter has identified a reason why they thought you might be interested in an opportunity that may seem left field

5) Recruiters can sometimes completely lack information on a role.

Unfortunately, for some recruitment agencies in the industry, their clients can send roles out to a dozen agencies, the job spec goes up on a portal, and they don’t have the opportunity to speak directly with the hiring manager. In a case like that, the recruiter is in the dark. Add in an inexperienced recruiter without a strong knowledge of what the various technologies actually do in real life and you’ve basically got keyword bingo.

With Verify, we develop close relationships with our clients and we receive detailed information on new roles for our candidates.

The conclusion is that not all recruiters are out to destroy your life for a quick buck! For the most part, we’re doing our best.

It’s worth working with a recruitment consultant in a reputable consultancy– a recruitment consultant that will walk over fire to get you a job that you love and will do everything to help you through an interview. Find a recruitment consultant that you get on with, that understands what you want, and they’ll be of huge advantage to you!

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