Chef Vs Puppet; Something for Everyone

There was a time when systems management was not dissimilar to a cottage industry: each business had its own comms room, racked-up with just enough servers for its own needs. And the onsite IT team’s horizon stretched no further than the infrastructure at hand. But the cloud revolution has created server farms and data centres… [Read More]

Site Reliability Engineer; High Speed Engineering

In the beginning there were software engineers and operations engineers. The software people had a vision of what the customer wanted.  And their job was to realise that vision with eloquent code and dazzling new product features. This job has always been crucial to the success and even survival of any software company: its brand… [Read More]

Asavie; Rise of The Machine Chatter

Last month Asavie won the Irish Software Association’s Outstanding International Growth Award for 2015. It's given to companies that have demonstrated exceptional technological innovation and/or outstanding commercial performance. The company also won the Deloitte 2015 Innovative New Technology award (in association with Google). Both awards boost Asavie's status as one of the most innovative indigenous… [Read More]

Google V Oracle: Keeping APIs Public

  APIs or Application Programmable Interfaces, to give them their lesser used name, make it possible for software products and platforms to be global software products and platforms. They allow applications to connect and become interoperable and data to flow unimpeded. In turn enabling software platforms and their services to scale globally. But this promise… [Read More]