The Battle For Augmented Reality – ARcore and ARkit

It is one of the great battles of our generation. Google vs Apple, Android vs. iOS and now ARcore versus ARkit. With the recent announcement by Google of their ARcore as a competitor to the ARkit of Apple we have landed upon another area, the race for control of Augmented Reality,  in which these two… [Read More]

All You Need Is…The Road Map

Earl Nightingale once said “All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.” While this quote may have been about human character and development, it can equally be applied to autonomous vehicles. The companies pursuing self-driving automobiles are courageously pushing the boundaries of technology, as I… [Read More]

In the Eye of the Storm – LiDAR and the Driverless Car

It sounds like the opening sequence of a sci-fi movie - the screen is black until suddenly it's illuminated by a pair of bright eyes at the front of a self-driving car. While many of the movie portrayals of driverless cars can skew to the negative - from rogue pursuits to system meltdowns,  the people… [Read More]

5G Drives Autonomous Automobiles

The self-driving car has increasingly been at the forefront of technology & IoT news this decade, capturing the imaginations of both technology and automobile industries alike.  The concept of the ‘autonomous automobile’ is nothing new – self-driving and anthropomorphized cars have long captured the hearts of the entertainment industry, from Knight Rider’s KITT to Lightning… [Read More]