This week at Verify, we are addressing a common candidate concern. When in discussion with a recruiter,  you may be asked questions about your recent job search activity which may lead you to be unsure about what information you should or shouldn’t disclose.

Do I need to tell my recruitment consultant what other roles/companies I’m applying to?

We would like to shed some light on the issue from our point of view by sharing the reasons why we ask you about your recent job applications at Verify. (They’re not all 100% evil…)

1) We’d like to know if you’re late on in a process with another company. If you’re at 2nd round interview, maybe about to get an offer with Other Company B, then we can notify Client A in order to give them an opportunity to react quickly. Seeing an email from a great candidate saying “I’ve taken another offer” can be disappointing for our clients – especially when it comes out of the blue! Getting on the phone and saying “This candidate is going to be off the market in 4 days” may get your interview moved up or can get a job offer to appear early.

2) If we submit your application to one of our clients that has already received your details elsewhere – whether through direct application or an agency, that makes us all look bad. It makes you look like you’re not paying attention to where you are applying, it makes the client feel like they’re so unmemorable that someone literally forgot they’d applied to a job there, and it makes the recruitment consultant look like they didn’t consult with the candidate properly. It’s not a situation you want to be in. So if we’re helping you to understand a company that you’ve already applied to – tell us!

3) Let’s be honest here, it’s not all altruism. If you tell us that Other Company B is also hiring, that’s helpful market information. Candidates and clients rely on us to know what’s going on in the job market and this is one of the ways we find out.

4) If you’re getting lots of interviews and not getting any offers – is there anything going on? Perhaps you need assistance with your interviewing techniques or maybe you’re not applying to the right roles. There’s a difference in how we support the super confident person at the start of their search and the slightly deflated person who has had a few rejections in the last month or two.

Like your current salary, you do not have to tell us what other companies you are applying to. Please do tell us what stage you’re at elsewhere though. And please do tell us if you’ve already applied to a company we’re representing. We can use all this information to your advantage!

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