We did something new with our most recent ALI visit – a student studying STEM was our Role Model rather than someone working in the tech industry.

Orla Keaveney visited Mount Carmel Secondary School in Dublin 1. Orla is studying Electronic Engineering at UCD.

She spoke about her own experiences studying Engineering and what interests her about the subject. She took on a paid internship with Citi and was able to speak about working in the industry as well. The students were able to connect with Orla as they could easily see themselves in her position in college.

Orla is co-editor with the UCD student paper; The University Observer, debates with the L&H and volunteers with a soup kitchen so she’s highly active outside of her college work! Definitely a role model for the girls.

Mount Carmel teachers and students were really impressed with her talk – the teachers later said that it did get the students thinking ‘a technology career might be for me after all’

This is the first of a pilot stream of talks for the Ada Lovelace Initiative. We will be facilitating college student speakers in schools as well as speakers already working in the industry. If you are interested in becoming an ALI role model, please get in touch with us via one of these forms. College student / Professional


If you would like to learn more about The Ada Lovelace Initiative, please visit our A.L.I page.

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If you would like to visit a specific school, your old school or a local school for example, please let us know & we can facilitate this preference for role models.

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