Samsung Galaxy X And The Future Form Factor

With the confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy X being reasonably close to release last week, much ado has been made of previous rumours and patents allegedly pertaining to said device over the last number of years. This is not exactly new territory for a high-end Samsung device, but coming after the successful re-launch of the… [Read More]

Create Your Own Apps With Android Studio

Any brief for an Android development team will place a strong emphasis on UX or customer experience because there’s a pretty clear market imperative for their code being user-centric. But who thinks about UX for Android engineers when they're using app development tools? Google wants the industry to believe they’re thinking about the coder experience… [Read More]

Cloud and Apps: The Continuing Collaboration of Music, Musicians and Technology

Musicians of all generations have always embraced technology to create new soundscapes, from harpsichord and dulcimers to piano to synthesisers. Whether the instruments encouraged public taste to move this way or vice versa is a life imitating art argument but it's safe to assume music will continue to be pushed forward by musicians expanding boundaries… [Read More]