Thinking Inside The Box: Sustaining Innovation and Nintendo Labo

As we move through 2018, the gamers among us will note that 2017 was widely acknowledged as a somewhat underwhelming year for innovation in the market. Uprated versions of the PS4 and Xbox One, while intriguing, boasted little of interest beyond subtle hardware improvements. Similarly, adoption of the rather excellent PlayStation VR remained somewhat of… [Read More]

The Battle For Augmented Reality – ARcore and ARkit

It is one of the great battles of our generation. Google vs Apple, Android vs. iOS and now ARcore versus ARkit. With the recent announcement by Google of their ARcore as a competitor to the ARkit of Apple we have landed upon another area, the race for control of Augmented Reality,  in which these two… [Read More]

What Is Augmented Reality? It’s The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing!

Any term that incorporates the word 'Reality' usually fails to convey any clarity or definition about what it’s trying to describe. Augmented Reality fails in exactly this way. It in no way describes what this technology actually does! A mobile device’s camera captures the image of an object in the real world. The on-board object… [Read More]