Is Amazon’s AWS Lambda Redefining the Cloud?

One of the revolutionary changes sparked by the advent of cloud computing was that businesses could gain access to a plethora of services that they would not normally be able to cost or manage themselves. This was not just a case of being able to rent super computers, whereas before if you wanted super processing power you… [Read More]

Ireland’s Foray into the Games, Gamification & Big Data Market

During the day a good entrepreneur delivers for the present but at night he prepares for the future. Right now, that means his business has to deliver for the digital native generation, for example moving all services onto a mobile platform. But he's also got to prepare for the next generation who can't remember anything before… [Read More]

How Irish Techies Emydex are Digitising Food Processing Globally

What’s the best market to get a slice of right now? In Ireland the established “wisdom” was always property and that bubble seems to be swelling again. The global software industry appeared to be recession proof over the last 5 years, with its rate of product development and consumer demand it would certainly be an… [Read More]

Technology in Motion With Retail inMotion

Back when flying was noisy, expensive and risky the in-flight retail experience centred around a cake trolley and a large coffee pot. Nowadays, airlines aren't only catering for onboard food and drink but they're also selling a whole range of products from gifts to entertainment. And with cheaper flights putting more customers in the air at… [Read More]

Is Ireland The Next Travel Innovation Hub?

In the 17th century young Oxbridge graduates, usually of an aristocratic bent, started a tradition of touring the cultural centres of continental Europe. This became known as the Grand Tour after Richard Lassels coined the phrase in “The Voyage of Italy” in 1670. The idea behind the Grand Tour was that it would finish what… [Read More]

The Internet of Things and Ireland’s Davra Networks

The explosion of obesity in this century is testimony to the success in the last century of the automation of every day life. Technology stripped out the manual labour that was necessary at work and in the home. In 2014 we’re just left with the decisions about when to set a timer, throw a switch or… [Read More]

Social Gold: Irish Firm Eagle Alpha Mining the Twittersphere

There’s a new anxiety threaded through corporate life today, particularly in the finance sector. Employees dread calls from the compliance people demanding to know why they’ve been using social media on the company’s dime. Even digital marketers  can be asked to explain why they’re spending working hours on Twitter and Facebook. It’s natural for employees… [Read More]

2013: Irish Tech Year in Review

The start of the Christmas holiday season  has coincided with good economic news internationally and for the first time domestically with GNP beginning to register sustained growth of 3.8% over 12 months . Over the last 12 months the Irish economy began its rehabilitation in the industrial world. Most of the European causalities of the great crash have yet… [Read More]