A.L.I, Citi, Intel And Maynooth

This month saw a very special and exciting Ada Lovelace Initiative visit to Maynooth Post-Primary, Maynooth, Co. Kildare Intel and Citi teamed up to talk to 100 female students about the gender gap in technology and what it is like to work in this field. Kirsty Downey, Project Manager, and Neasa Walsh, Analytics Manager, both… [Read More]

Busiest Week of 2017 So Far For A.L.I!

It has been the busiest week so far for the Ada Lovelace Initiative! Following Sona Harrison’s trip down memory lane last week when she returned to her old school in Waterford, we’ve had a further five talks since then! Fiona Savage, who is an IT Application Support Officer at Concern Worldwide, gave her A.L.I talk… [Read More]

Sutton, Newry & Scoil Chríost Rí

This week The Ada Lovelace Initiative talks have resumed after the midterm break. As the schools are back from their Halloween holidays this month, our role models are back in action too and we would like to share our latest exciting news with you in today’s instalment of A.L.I. In Action! Although our school visits… [Read More]

Meet The Role Models #13 – Kirsty Downey

Meet The Role Models is a technology community series which highlights the stories of The Ada Lovelace Initiative role models;  the female technology professionals who are committed to voluntarily promoting technology careers to female pupils nationwide. The success of the Ada Lovelace Initiative depends on the participation of role models & since September 2015, The… [Read More]

A.L.I. Launched In Northern Ireland

At Verify Recruitment, we would like to announce a very special milestone for The Ada Lovelace Initiative. As of April 2016, we have officially launched our technology role model visits in Northern Ireland. Citi role model Kirsty Downey launched The Ada Lovelace Initiative not only in County Down, but also Northern Ireland when she returned… [Read More]