Back to Front 1.0.7 – Serverless Architecture

Serverless Architecture in a nutshell I had been scratching my head for the past few weeks, wondering what I should write my next post about. Should I delve more into Agile methodologies? Should I focus on tech stacks? But then I noticed that a lot of the community was starting to buzz about serverless architecture,… [Read More]

A Changing Landscape: From The Valley To The Slopes To The Docks

For years the place that has been eponymous when anybody mentions tech companies is Silicon Valley. Home to companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, LinkedIn etc. and with a thriving tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem it has been held aloft. However, in recent years there has been another location that has been gaining traction and producing some… [Read More]

We Are All Connected: IoT And The Rise Of The Smart Home

The proliferation of smart home devices, spearheaded by products from heavy-hitters such as Amazon and Google and backed up by a number of quirky start-ups, is well and truly at the forefront of home-based technology as we kick off a new year. A world in which everything in our lives, from our phones, tablets and… [Read More]

Google Container Engine: Steering Towards Simpler Deployment

Much of what Cloud Technology offers users, automation, highly responsive scaling, flexibility and much else besides, can only described as work in progress.  An awful lot more needs to be realised. Currently, developers building in the cloud have to choose between virtual machines, which entails a lot of DIY, or a more automated option and… [Read More]

Is Amazon’s AWS Lambda Redefining the Cloud?

One of the revolutionary changes sparked by the advent of cloud computing was that businesses could gain access to a plethora of services that they would not normally be able to cost or manage themselves. This was not just a case of being able to rent super computers, whereas before if you wanted super processing power you… [Read More]

The Rise of the Netflix Cloud Apes

The service sector is taking on more and more responsibility for sustaining Ireland's recovery. That being the case there's a perennial question among business thinkers that's becoming more pertinent: what makes an ideal service? A common and cogent answer is one that unfailingly anticipates the client's needs. This certainly would make a business in the… [Read More]

Market Push:Vendor Pull. Why CEOs Love the Cloud

Many employees find the first day working in a large corporation indelibly marked by disappointment. The new hire might be impressed by the glass facade of the corporate building with its silent sliding doors. And the foyer with its tiled interior and 42 inch wall screens set to the Bloomberg channel, could impress as well. But after… [Read More]

Opensource Software and The New Tech Culture

A spectre is haunting IT, the spectre of revolution...again. The IT industry, no stranger to radical change, is revving up its search engines to thrust itself into the  great unknown: new markets, whole new industries and of course unheard of  technologies or resurrected old technologies. But this revolution is culturally different than the preceding changes… [Read More]