Datahug: Getting Re-aquainted with Your Pipeline

These days everyone's scaling. From start-ups operating from a garage to established enterprises trading from glass towers, everyone's selling 24/7 right across the globe. But this can be a bane as well as boon. Not all companies scale successfully even though their services and products are high quality and generate demand. And even within companies… [Read More]

Is Amazon’s AWS Lambda Redefining the Cloud?

One of the revolutionary changes sparked by the advent of cloud computing was that businesses could gain access to a plethora of services that they would not normally be able to cost or manage themselves. This was not just a case of being able to rent super computers, whereas before if you wanted super processing power you… [Read More]

Palerra: Security and Data Analytics

The cloud security industry is a tough neighbourhood: players here have two sets of competitors; the normal commercial competition and the hackers who compete constantly to best their technology.  It’s an industry where information and data control is all. It’s no surprise then that earlier this month security start-up Palerra came out of stealth mode,… [Read More]

Technology in Motion With Retail inMotion

Back when flying was noisy, expensive and risky the in-flight retail experience centred around a cake trolley and a large coffee pot. Nowadays, airlines aren't only catering for onboard food and drink but they're also selling a whole range of products from gifts to entertainment. And with cheaper flights putting more customers in the air at… [Read More]