A Changing Landscape: From The Valley To The Slopes To The Docks

For years the place that has been eponymous when anybody mentions tech companies is Silicon Valley. Home to companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, LinkedIn etc. and with a thriving tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem it has been held aloft. However, in recent years there has been another location that has been gaining traction and producing some… [Read More]

Why Do Recruitment Consultants Withhold Client Company Identities?

A common candidate complaint is that recruitment consultants refuse to tell them who the client company is for whom they are recruiting. We discusses why this can happen and equally explains how we are always open to candidates and will answer their questions and tell them the company name. Why don’t recruitment consultants tell me… [Read More]

Seeking Sponsorship

Do you require sponsorship to work in Ireland? Are you frustrated by recruitment consultants who say that a role isn’t accepting sponsorship candidates? Discover why this happens and get some tips on how best to find a role and a company who will sponsor your visa. I need to be sponsored for a visa –… [Read More]

A.L.I, Citi, Intel And Maynooth

This month saw a very special and exciting Ada Lovelace Initiative visit to Maynooth Post-Primary, Maynooth, Co. Kildare Intel and Citi teamed up to talk to 100 female students about the gender gap in technology and what it is like to work in this field. Kirsty Downey, Project Manager, and Neasa Walsh, Analytics Manager, both… [Read More]

6 Surprisingly Simple Steps for Tech Interview Success

The start of the New Year is undoubtedly one of the busiest times for recruiting new employees. A new year brings lots of changes; many companies are hiring to achieve exciting goals for the year ahead,  it's also a time when employees most often decide to move on. According to Glassdoor research, employees are most… [Read More]

The Ada Lovelace Initiative – Busy Before Midterm!

The first term of the 2016/17 school calendar has been a great success for The Ada Lovelace Initiative so far! With the help of our technology role models nationwide, The Ada Lovelace Initiative has reached hundreds of students since our return this term to promote technology careers to female students, with many more students to… [Read More]

How Asavie Uses Ansible to Manage Configuration of its Global IoT Connectivity Platform

Earlier this year on the Verify blog, we discussed two market leading Configuration Management tools; Puppet & Chef. While both Puppet & Chef perform similar tasks, debates persisted in the tech press regarding which tool was superior. Following on from our discussion of Puppet Vs Chef, we recently interviewed John McBride, Cloud Architect at Asavie… [Read More]

Digitary – Securely Verifying Credentials Worldwide

The UK has about 1 million students enrolled in its higher education system; traditionally this means college administration is a paper heavy, bureaucratic nightmare with all the opportunity for lost documents  and misdirected transcripts  this offers. University transcripts are crucial for students: this document is a list of courses and grades generated by schools, colleges and… [Read More]

S3 Group; Joined Up Health Solutions

Connected Health is a revolutionary approach to health care provision. It will change how most of us will experience health service delivery if not now then certainly in the future and it will be a powerful driver in prolonging the average lifespan in Irish society. UCD captured the essence of this approach when it said… [Read More]

Meet The Role Models #13 – Kirsty Downey

Meet The Role Models is a technology community series which highlights the stories of The Ada Lovelace Initiative role models;  the female technology professionals who are committed to voluntarily promoting technology careers to female pupils nationwide. The success of the Ada Lovelace Initiative depends on the participation of role models & since September 2015, The… [Read More]