Go Your Own Way: Commuting Alternatives & the Personal Transport Revolution

According to Census 2016, nearly 2m people across the Republic commute into cities dotted along the coast of our little island on a daily basis, with the average journey taking 28.2 minutes. Those of us who commute to Dublin city centre may find this figure somewhat incredulous at times, with my own journey from the… [Read More]

Sparking Sustainability: The 88th Annual Geneva Motor Show

The 88th Annual Geneva Motor Show traditionally heralds the beginning of the vehicle design showcasing season throughout European metropolises, travelling via London, Frankfurt en route to Paris in October. As such, auto manufacturers, depending on their market scope, will often use the premier event to herald the arrival of groundbreaking concept cars, revitalised design languages… [Read More]

Range Anxiety? Vicinity Systems Navigates the Way

What’s not to like about electric cars? They’ll save you a small fortune on petrol, they’re silent and easy to drive and they'll confirm your green credentials if you worry about that sort of thing. It’s perfect for zipping around town but what happens if you need to travel any distance, even just an intercity… [Read More]