HR in a Remote World

Remote working or remote-first is being explored as an option or benefit by companies large and small around the world in the wake of COVID-19. As company leaders look to provide the physical infrastructure and craft a strategy for success what are the actions HR can take and drive if their company is one of… [Read More]

Do I Have to Tell My Recruiter/Interviewer My Current Salary?

This week at Verify, we are answering a common candidate question. When professional job seekers are in discussion with recruiters and interviewers, the question of current salary can often cause concern and confusion, so we would like to shed some light on the issue from our point of view for you. Do I have to… [Read More]

Market Push:Vendor Pull. Why CEOs Love the Cloud

Many employees find the first day working in a large corporation indelibly marked by disappointment. The new hire might be impressed by the glass facade of the corporate building with its silent sliding doors. And the¬†foyer with its tiled interior and 42 inch wall screens set to the Bloomberg channel,¬†could impress as well. But after… [Read More]