Palerra: Security and Data Analytics

The cloud security industry is a tough neighbourhood: players here have two sets of competitors; the normal commercial competition and the hackers who compete constantly to best their technology.  It’s an industry where information and data control is all. It’s no surprise then that earlier this month security start-up Palerra came out of stealth mode,… [Read More]

Ireland’s Foray into the Games, Gamification & Big Data Market

During the day a good entrepreneur delivers for the present but at night he prepares for the future. Right now, that means his business has to deliver for the digital native generation, for example moving all services onto a mobile platform. But he's also got to prepare for the next generation who can't remember anything before… [Read More]

Assessing the Future: Learnosity, Ireland’s e-Learning Leader

Think back to your school days: apart from lab work in the life sciences, just about every class activity could have been abstracted, coded and put online. From lessons and homework right through to exams and assessments, with the help of Learnosity all these can now be  delivered online.   E-Learning This online education is… [Read More]

Qstream: The Science Behind How To Increase Sales

Regardless of the service, no matter what the product is, if a company doesn't have a sales team nothing gets shifted and no-one's going anywhere. Salespeople open doors for their employers, they build networks and develop relationships. They're the everyday brand ambassadors, going out into the world and talking to people. A salesperson talks to… [Read More]