How Can I Protect My Data In The Recruitment Process

Our blog provides some advice and guidance on protecting your personal data through limiting the information you provide and even going as far as obstructing third parties from editing the presentation of your data. As data, privacy and GDPR are the topics of the moment, this blog is an initial step into these areas and… [Read More]

Changing Roles As A Longstanding Employee

We give some advice on entering and managing the recruitment process when you are a longstanding employee in a company. How do I approach my job hunt if I have been with one company for a long time? We frequently have candidates who are moving on from a role they have been in for 10+… [Read More]

Why Don’t Companies Tell You What The Salary Is For A Role?

Our blog this week comes from the excellent Irish Tech Community slack channel, A common complaint for candidates can be when job adverts and recruiters are unable to inform them on the salary and related benefits for a role in which they are interested. This is another question which pops up frequently and another… [Read More]

How To Choose Between Multiple Offers

You have worked with your consultant, gone through a multitude of interviews and impressed all of the necessary decision-makers but what do you do when you receive a number of offers? We address this common occurrence and provide some tips on how best to think through your decision when faced with multiple offers. If you’re… [Read More]

“How Should I Do My CV?”

This week, we give advice on CVs ahead of the inevitable surge in recruitment activity at the start of the year. “How should I do my CV?” This is a fairly common question and it’s a hard one because the answer is “it depends”. If you have 5 recruitment consultants in a room, you’ll probably… [Read More]

Should You Be Yourself In Interviews?

We all want to put our best foot forward when it comes to interviews but should we be ourself or cater ourselves to what we think the company wants. This week we talk about being yourself and making sure there is a personality fit for you as well as the company. Should you be yourself… [Read More]

How To Prepare For A Phone Interview

You have found a role that is appealing to you and have submitted your application. Now, the company have asked for an initial call to start the process. Read on to learn how to ace this phone interview whether it’s five minutes with a HR department or a technical interview with a CTO. How do… [Read More]

Do I Have to Tell My Recruiter/Interviewer My Current Salary?

This week at Verify, we are answering a common candidate question. When professional job seekers are in discussion with recruiters and interviewers, the question of current salary can often cause concern and confusion, so we would like to shed some light on the issue from our point of view for you. Do I have to… [Read More]

It’s Summer, It’s Hot. What Can I Wear to My Interview?

This week at Verify, we are answering a common candidate question. With temperatures soaring across Ireland for the past few days - there was one particular topic on some of our interviewees' minds... Question: It’s summer, it’s hot. I don't want to wear a suit. What can I wear to my interview? The good news… [Read More]

6 Surprisingly Simple Steps for Tech Interview Success

The start of the New Year is undoubtedly one of the busiest times for recruiting new employees. A new year brings lots of changes; many companies are hiring to achieve exciting goals for the year ahead,  it's also a time when employees most often decide to move on. According to Glassdoor research, employees are most… [Read More]