A Changing Landscape: From The Valley To The Slopes To The Docks

For years the place that has been eponymous when anybody mentions tech companies is Silicon Valley. Home to companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, LinkedIn etc. and with a thriving tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem it has been held aloft. However, in recent years there has been another location that has been gaining traction and producing some… [Read More]

Seeking Sponsorship

Do you require sponsorship to work in Ireland? Are you frustrated by recruitment consultants who say that a role isn’t accepting sponsorship candidates? Discover why this happens and get some tips on how best to find a role and a company who will sponsor your visa. I need to be sponsored for a visa –… [Read More]

Digitary – Securely Verifying Credentials Worldwide

The UK has about 1 million students enrolled in its higher education system; traditionally this means college administration is a paper heavy, bureaucratic nightmare with all the opportunity for lost documents  and misdirected transcripts  this offers. University transcripts are crucial for students: this document is a list of courses and grades generated by schools, colleges and… [Read More]

PageFair: Letting The Right Ones In

Adblockers can provide relief from online ads that are annoying, intrusive or sometimes they're things that you just never want to see again as long as you live. But they can also act as non-discriminating, blunt instruments creating as much harm as good on the internet. Dublin start-up Pagefair is flagging up the potentially fatal… [Read More]