PageFair: Letting The Right Ones In

Adblockers can provide relief from online ads that are annoying, intrusive or sometimes they're things that you just never want to see again as long as you live. But they can also act as non-discriminating, blunt instruments creating as much harm as good on the internet. Dublin start-up Pagefair is flagging up the potentially fatal… [Read More]

Social Gold: Irish Firm Eagle Alpha Mining the Twittersphere

There’s a new anxiety threaded through corporate life today, particularly in the finance sector. Employees dread calls from the compliance people demanding to know why they’ve been using social media on the company’s dime. Even digital marketers  can be asked to explain why they’re spending working hours on Twitter and Facebook. It’s natural for employees… [Read More]

Career Options for a Senior Software Developer

You’re a  rock star coder; you've got 15+ years software development experience on the digital frontier; right now Dublin is your town. Take a walk around silicon dock and its environs. This stretch of water-front probably offers more opportunities per square foot than any other EMEA capital. Dublin’s got all the global players in the… [Read More]