Why Don’t Companies Tell You What The Salary Is For A Role?

Our blog this week comes from the excellent Irish Tech Community slack channel, http://irishtechcommunity.com. A common complaint for candidates can be when job adverts and recruiters are unable to inform them on the salary and related benefits for a role in which they are interested. This is another question which pops up frequently and another… [Read More]

Mind The Gap – Managing A Career Gap

Worried about that career gap? Wondering how best to represent it on your C.V? Read on as we give insight into these gaps, the different scenarios and how best to go about finding a role following a gap. Career gaps in your CV? Are they a career killer? A question came to us this week… [Read More]

Do I Need to Tell My Recruitment Consultant What Other Companies I’m Applying to?

This week at Verify, we are addressing a common candidate concern. When in discussion with a recruiter,  you may be asked questions about your recent job search activity which may lead you to be unsure about what information you should or shouldn't disclose. Do I need to tell my recruitment consultant what other roles/companies I’m… [Read More]