From 2014 To 2015: The Tech Year in Review

For every story about a hubristic downfall there'll be one about a chastened comeback.  And this latter seems to be the narrative emerging with the Celtic Phoenix. That's the sobriquet given to an Irish economy that looked as if it was lifting off in 2014. Soberingly however, the latest results for GDP growth from the CSO… [Read More]

Qstream: The Science Behind How To Increase Sales

Regardless of the service, no matter what the product is, if a company doesn't have a sales team nothing gets shifted and no-one's going anywhere. Salespeople open doors for their employers, they build networks and develop relationships. They're the everyday brand ambassadors, going out into the world and talking to people. A salesperson talks to… [Read More]

Irish Firms in the Global EdTech Industry

If there was one industry that Information Communication Technology was definitely going to revolutionise it was education. Unsurprisingly, more than two decades after internet access became widespread, modern classrooms are unrecognisable to the class of the 1980s and 1990s. Back then assignments and essays were hand written, homework deadlines were recorded in quaint little school… [Read More]