Employer Branding And Community Engagement: Championing A Cause

"Success follows those who champion a cause greater than themselves" “Talent is our biggest asset” the buzzline of all top companies but also reflected in the lengths companies are going to attract and retain employees, particularly those who can make a difference to the success of their companies. It is an increasingly competitive talent market… [Read More]

Why Don’t Companies Tell You What The Salary Is For A Role?

Our blog this week comes from the excellent Irish Tech Community slack channel, http://irishtechcommunity.com. A common complaint for candidates can be when job adverts and recruiters are unable to inform them on the salary and related benefits for a role in which they are interested. This is another question which pops up frequently and another… [Read More]

Back to Front 1.0.2 JS Framework Battleground

In the series “Back to Front” our consultant Eoghain looks at the latest developments, releases and news in technologies from (you guessed it) the Back-end to the Front.  In the latest installment, Eoghain looks at the much-contested area of JavaScript frameworks. JS Framework Battleground 2018 There has been a lot of buzz around about which… [Read More]

How To Choose Between Multiple Offers

You have worked with your consultant, gone through a multitude of interviews and impressed all of the necessary decision-makers but what do you do when you receive a number of offers? We address this common occurrence and provide some tips on how best to think through your decision when faced with multiple offers. If you’re… [Read More]

“How Should I Do My CV?”

This week, we give advice on CVs ahead of the inevitable surge in recruitment activity at the start of the year. “How should I do my CV?” This is a fairly common question and it’s a hard one because the answer is “it depends”. If you have 5 recruitment consultants in a room, you’ll probably… [Read More]

Should You Be Yourself In Interviews?

We all want to put our best foot forward when it comes to interviews but should we be ourself or cater ourselves to what we think the company wants. This week we talk about being yourself and making sure there is a personality fit for you as well as the company. Should you be yourself… [Read More]

Back To Front 1.0.1 – The Churn

In the series “Back to Front” our consultant Eoghain will look at the latest developments, releases and news in technologies from (you guessed it) the Back-end to the Front. He is happy to talk technologies suggested by our readers and answers any questions you have.   What a time to be a JS developer… I’m… [Read More]

How To Maximise Your Final Year For A Graduate Role

Are you entering your final year of your Information Technology or Computer Science degree and already feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the work that you are facing? This week at Verify we guide you on how to make the most of your final year and target it for a graduate role and the career… [Read More]

Can I ask a Recruitment Consultant for General Advice?

What if you’re not actively looking for a job but want to know what your prospects are on the market, or what your salary could be if you moved jobs? Can you call a recruiter and ask? This week at Verify we discusses our experiences of helping professionals with general career advice. Can I ask… [Read More]