We Are All Connected: IoT And The Rise Of The Smart Home

The proliferation of smart home devices, spearheaded by products from heavy-hitters such as Amazon and Google and backed up by a number of quirky start-ups, is well and truly at the forefront of home-based technology as we kick off a new year. A world in which everything in our lives, from our phones, tablets and… [Read More]

Employer Branding And Community Engagement: Championing A Cause

"Success follows those who champion a cause greater than themselves" “Talent is our biggest asset” the buzzline of all top companies but also reflected in the lengths companies are going to attract and retain employees, particularly those who can make a difference to the success of their companies. It is an increasingly competitive talent market… [Read More]

Social Gold: Irish Firm Eagle Alpha Mining the Twittersphere

There’s a new anxiety threaded through corporate life today, particularly in the finance sector. Employees dread calls from the compliance people demanding to know why they’ve been using social media on the company’s dime. Even digital marketers  can be asked to explain why they’re spending working hours on Twitter and Facebook. It’s natural for employees… [Read More]

Opensource Software and The New Tech Culture

A spectre is haunting IT, the spectre of revolution...again. The IT industry, no stranger to radical change, is revving up its search engines to thrust itself into the  great unknown: new markets, whole new industries and of course unheard of  technologies or resurrected old technologies. But this revolution is culturally different than the preceding changes… [Read More]

Digital Health and Ireland’s Start-up Boom

Back in May 2012 on The Guardian TechWeek Podcast, John Sculley ex-Apple CEO and an executive with unrivalled standing in Silicon Valley predicted that cloud technology would enable a revolution in the Healthcare industry. This is a timely development as aging populations in western societies are putting more strain on the health systems in the… [Read More]