Meet The Role Models – #3 Amanda Hay

Meet The Role Models is a new community series which highlights the stories of The Ada Lovelace Initiative role models. A.L.I. role models are volunteers from the technology industry who have committed to visiting schools to promote technology careers to pupils. This series will feature a diverse range of role models, from a variety of… [Read More]

Celebrating Women In STEM – ALD Dublin 2015

October 13th was a special day across the world for the STEM industry; it was International Ada Lovelace Day. ALD began in 2009 to celebrate the achievements of women in STEM in an effort to increase the visibility of female professionals in this sector. It was also a special day for The Ada Lovelace Initiative… [Read More]

From 2014 To 2015: The Tech Year in Review

For every story about a hubristic downfall there'll be one about a chastened comeback.  And this latter seems to be the narrative emerging with the Celtic Phoenix. That's the sobriquet given to an Irish economy that looked as if it was lifting off in 2014. Soberingly however, the latest results for GDP growth from the CSO… [Read More]

Market Push:Vendor Pull. Why CEOs Love the Cloud

Many employees find the first day working in a large corporation indelibly marked by disappointment. The new hire might be impressed by the glass facade of the corporate building with its silent sliding doors. And the foyer with its tiled interior and 42 inch wall screens set to the Bloomberg channel, could impress as well. But after… [Read More]

Dublin: The ‘Go-To City’ for Tech Engineers

Yesterday the European Commission published a report ranking Dublin 16th out of the top 34 IT hubs in the EU. This will surprise many people in the Tech industry given the global scale and vibrancy of the IT sector in Dublin. Only this morning LinkedIn announced that it was looking for more office space for… [Read More]