Travel Technology is one of the most successful tech start-up sectors in Ireland today. With Dublin rapidly becoming a hub for Travel Technology innovation, this particular corner of the software industry has attracted big foreign investment stars like Airbnb and TripAdvisor to city. However, the Ireland’s indigenous software base are certainly not going unnoticed as Dublin can claim the following local heroes and global shooting stars in travel technology…

1. DatalexDatalex Logo

Datalex is a leader in the e-commerce market for travel retailers. Their offering is an e-commerce platform that can access a global market of over 1 Billion customers in each of the four corners of the globe. The development of its globally successful product is driven by some of the most innovative retailers in the airline industry.

2. Retail in Motion


Retail in Motion specializes in the fast growing in-flight retail business. This is a hugely successful sector which drives airline ancillary revenue for airliners and drives cost reduction.  The company’s expertise embraces the procurement of onboard retail products; the full management of “buy-on-board” programmes and complete IT support of these programmes through Retail in Motion’s software platform.

RiM focus on getting their offering right and they do that by getting the right “product mix”.  Getting this right boosts customer satisfaction and enhances global perception of the company’s brand.

3. Cartrawler


CarTrawler is a leading product innovator within the tech travel industry.  They’re one of the top B2B travel technology platforms in the world.

They create high revenue generating relationships between industry partners like airlines, internet travel agents and companies offering travel accommodation by enabling their customers contact services providers that travellers find necessary like car hire and rail services. Cartrawler ensure these service providers meet travellers’ needs by scientific selection.

Their product is bespoke engineered for clients who are spread across diverse industries and geographies. Their smart booking engine is white label and its features are constantly evolving with weekly and even daily code releases. This is done to make sure the Cartrawler platform right out there in front of e-retailing and e-merchandising in the travel industry.

4. Boxever


Boxever’s cloud based product allows clients in the travel e-commerce sector to develop fast-scaling, cost-efficient solutions that focus on the individual customer over a broad range of digital channels. Their product enhances conversations between retailer and customer. Boxever aims to boost client’s sales and increases sales’ volume size by offering customers a personalised experience.


5. MTT


Founded in 2005 and based in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock, MTT market’s multi-device apps for clients that include Singapore Airlines and EasyJet. Their solutions offer the latest in mobile technology and UX design. Naturally, its products focus on the modern traveller’s journey and aims to allow airlines and other travel industry partners to add value to the traveller’s experience when using their services and revolutionise how customers interact with them.

The most obvious gain from an airline with a global e-commerce platform is market reach. It can reach and sell to mature markets and emerging markets. But smart e-commerce solutions using technologies like big data can also enhance the customer experience by personalising it. This means the consumer becomes a customer; they don’t feel like they’re only one out of x-billion consumers. The airline’s e-commerce communication remembers their buying history and understands as well as anticipating their personal preferences and needs. It’s this smart e-commerce that’s putting Irish travel software on the map.

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